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if you ‘defend’ trans women by accusing twefs of ~disrespecting our identities~ or whatever, you’re basically doing the twefs’ work for them.

respond with materialism, talk about how women are constituted as a class regulated by sexual violence and how this works in the same ways for cis and trans women, talk about how twef ideology exposes us to greater sexual violence and death, talk about how ‘biological sex’ is ideology that maintains gender and discuss the actual complexities, etc. etc.

but don’t make it about ‘identity’ please because not only is that easy for them to ridicule, even if it’s accepted it still makes trans women into lesser/fake women.

like imo #1 thing cis feminists can do to be allies to trans women (and trans people generally, but especially women) is prove that it’s possible to radicalize as a feminist without becoming a trans-woman-hating shitbird. whether you end up an anarcho-feminist, marxist feminist, or just one of the radical feminists that avoids the pitfalls of TWERFism doesn’t really matter–I think just charting that as an option, and avoiding the path-of-least-resistance that is demonizing trans women, is going to become a more and more important process as liberal feminism continues showing its cracks due to the collapse of capitalism. this groundwork must be laid, these trails worn into the terrain, before the systems begin collapsing completely; otherwise those seeking alternatives to liberal feminist frameworks will just turn to the ones closest at hand–the ones that scapegoat trans women for all of feminism’s failures.

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