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Happy world goth day 🦇❤️☠️ Me a #tradgoth at 17 and now an #eldergoth at 50. For some of us, it’s really just a way of life, self expression and not a trend. But the trend will fade, and we’ll still be ok kids, so don’t be so grumpy about it being popular right now. Like I said a millions times, we’ll score all the throw away stuff! It really is cool to be able to buy black stuff. Back in the day we had to dye everything and it turned a gross grey! 🤣 Let the kids experiment and have fun like we did! Just be there to pass along the original music they seem to be missing to most in this trend. Listen to your elders baby bats! 🤣.
#worldgothday #gothic #goth #gothic #gothiclife #gothicstyle #tradgoth #queenie_black #gothicfashion #gothgoth #gothmom

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