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so i don’t think a lot of people really understand how often south asian culture is misinterpreted and appropriated so i’m making a post about it right here.

  • any mention of third eyes
  • any mention of chakras
  • people wearing bindis when they shouldn’t be 
  • fucking “om” or “aum” tattoos or appliques on things like yoga pants. do you know how fucking disrespectful it is to put a symbol that is so important to my religion and culture on the ass of some white chick’s yoga pants
  • people wearing maang tikka when they shouldn’t be
  • anklets with bells on them are very important to the dance culture of south asia and it’s disrespectful to wear them outside of a traditional dance setting

feel free to add any more that i missed because i’m fucking tired

this is okay to rb if you’re not south asian. in fact it’s encouraged that you reblog this post, regardless of your race

^^Anyone is capable of appropriation without meaning to, even other poc. Please respect!

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