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February 08 2018


Me: HECK yeah 20-GAY-teen, this is the year I get a gf

My ass knowing full well I have to ask a girl out if I want a girlfriend : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


taika using led zeppelins “immigrant song” as a focal point in thor where the asgardians reflect the plot of the song as over the course of the film they develop from being the violent, murdering, gallavanting norse colonizers of old to literally becoming immigrants seeking out new lands to take refuge in based on newfound principles of peace love prosperity and empathy with thor at their helm acknowledging that his family is guilty of a horrific imperialistic dynasty and that hes responsible for making amends, albeit this time these concepts are all the more meaningful for involving a visibly multicultural cast with taika’s superb direction as a politically outspoken indigenous activist and artist



i don’t really think the relationship between generation z and millennials is comparable to the relationship between baby boomers and millennials

mostly because largely speaking. baby boomers are the parents of millennials but millennials aren’t the parents of generation z

your older sibling telling you you’re an idiot for eating laundry detergent just isn’t the same thing as your parents berating you for not having a job in a shitty economy

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Sand, under a 250x microscope

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breaking bad, fight club, rick and morty, clockwork orange, and the catcher in the rye are all arguably good things - but if a man says they are his FAVORITE book/movie/tv show? RUN.

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2016 三室戸寺#01




wlw tumblr why are demons hot

we’ve been exposed to queercoded villains since childhood, causing us to associate strongly with villainous and evil women; furthermore, because we fear we are being predatory towards women we are afraid of approaching girls and thus the concept of an aggressive woman is attractive because we don’t have to start the relationship

also they have big titties

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Eva Longoria is everything

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My 6 foot ass won’t ever stop wearing heels


How to become a Witch

- probably educate yourself on what witchcraft is and the different ways of practicing

- call yourself a witch

- stare at the moon a lot (most important step)

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valentines day is a meaningless tradition invented by corporations so as to turn the act of love itself into a material commodity that can be bought and sold. this year i will not be participating in




Male writer: This female character that I’m writing has a deep dark secret.

Male writer: Something so horrible that she can’t tell a soul…

Male writer: This female character has literally the saddest back story anyone could ever imagine and no man could ever love her because of it and she cries herself to sleep every single night because she’s such a monster.

Male writer: She’s……………… infertile.

#you can say joss whedon it’s okay



disrespects workers in the service industry for no valid reason


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If you’re an introvert, follow us @introvertunites

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Until the next three of the eleven most prestigious wizarding schools are officially revealed, here are the three I headcanon:

Lóngyǎn - The Chinese wizarding school. Located inside of an unassuming hut in the Gansu Province, Lóngyǎn is without question the most difficult wizarding school to find. But once inside, one will quickly begin to realize it is by far the largest wizarding school, with thousands upon thousands of rooms stretching across many miles. Lóngyǎn’s interior, much to the chagrin of Beauxbatons, is considered to be the most beautiful of all wizarding schools.


Mūru̱mamāṭagātiyarugūḍu - The Indian wizarding school, located within a hollow peak in the Western Ghats. Mūru̱mamāṭagātiyarugūḍu is the only wizarding school out of the most respected eleven to be a day school rather than a boarding school, though a few boarding options are available for those without a home to return to. Students are brought into the caverns of the mountain each morning by portkey.


Taghlib Madrasa - The Saudi wizarding school, located on a hidden island in the Persian Gulf. Taghlib Madrasa was named for the legendary 7th century wizard Hassan al-Taghlib, who founded and single-handedly built Taghlib Madrasa. His horrible handwriting can be seen etched into the walls of every room. Students begin their studies at the age of thirteen, learning a wide variety of magic, with a particular focus placed upon arithmancy and alchemy, which are both considered core classes for all nine years of attendance.

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“Please be safe”emoji spell 😰😥☠️🔪🔗❌😌🙏🤝💖🌸

Last night I was troubled by a dream that someone I cared about died. I couldn’t believe it. My heart hurt so bad.

Here is an emoji spell to help keep your loved ones safe. Let them know you love them. Like to charge. Reblog to cast. Love and light ✨


mood for february:

stop making excuses for ppl who are homophobic, transphobic, racist, etc. just bc someone has accomplished great things doesn’t mean they’re a great person that deserves support

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