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May 23 2018

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[Image Description: A medium shot of McCree in his classic skin, dancing. Mercy is standing in the background, watching. There is text that reads (479): The international association of gay square dance clubs had a booth set up in the lobby of my hotel.]

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I am going to print this out and plaster it everywhere I go

my heart just broke

Not gonna lie; I’m on the verge of tears right now.
Because this is what I see every night when I come into work. I work at a Jewish-run elder care non-profit. Even in the memory care unit, we’re seeing a rise in the residents’ anxiety levels, to the point where they’ve had to stop turning on the TV news stations (and these residents still love the news). Multiple residents are direct survivors of the Shoah; some barely escaped, and almost all of them lost family members in death camps. One resident was one of the children saved by the Kindertransport. Many other residents tell me stories of when they were kids, how their neighborhoods were destroyed and relocated and of the siblings and parents they no longer have. One newer resident was finally starting to settle in when Charlottesville happened. Even though we immediately changed the channel, she was shaken. She was inconsolable for hours. When I left for the night, she was still crying and refused to leave her room. Even now, weeks after the direct event, she still is wary to come to programs, fearing that if she is away from her room too long that her possessions and place will be stolen from her like they were in 1938. Even with dementia, even with Alzheimers, these residents remember what happened. They cannot forget their lost loved ones. They cannot forget the things stolen from them. They cannot forget, period.
Because this fight against Neo-Nazis isn’t just a theoretical thing. These groups know that people are forgetting about Shoah; they take great strength knowing that people from that generation are dying. When they regard WWII as a “dark cloud” hanging over the heads of this generation, it is not with a solemn regard, with they knowledge that we must not forget lest we repeat our mistakes. These White supremacists, these White Neo-Nazis, see Shoah remembrance as something they will gladly eradicate. When people gladly throw out the Nazi salute, chant the 14 words, or march under the banner of “hail victory,” they are two things and two things only – Nazi apologists and Nazi supporters.
Shoah survivors are not gone. They are still here. We need to stop ignoring that this normalization of Nazis marching in the street harms real people. It’s not just ideas. It’s not just “free speech”.
We cannot forget. We cannot forget. We cannot forget.

Remembering is not enough.
Sorrow is not enough.
They are in our midst again

We need to know how to stop them:
- https://socialistworker.org/2017/07/03/what-strategies-will-stop-the-far-right




so i don’t think a lot of people really understand how often south asian culture is misinterpreted and appropriated so i’m making a post about it right here.

  • any mention of third eyes
  • any mention of chakras
  • people wearing bindis when they shouldn’t be 
  • fucking “om” or “aum” tattoos or appliques on things like yoga pants. do you know how fucking disrespectful it is to put a symbol that is so important to my religion and culture on the ass of some white chick’s yoga pants
  • people wearing maang tikka when they shouldn’t be
  • anklets with bells on them are very important to the dance culture of south asia and it’s disrespectful to wear them outside of a traditional dance setting

feel free to add any more that i missed because i’m fucking tired

this is okay to rb if you’re not south asian. in fact it’s encouraged that you reblog this post, regardless of your race

^^Anyone is capable of appropriation without meaning to, even other poc. Please respect!

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more proof that bobo is bi, look at her face here while looking at the woman in the star sea

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Once again I’d like to feature some of my prints for World Goth Day.

Here is all of my designs for the darker amongst the Tumblr community. All designs by @egregoredesign

Available here as shirts, bags, and more

Tumblr | Society6 Store | Redbubble Store | Website | Facebook

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may your #worldgothday be as dreadful as I am 🖤🦇🖤

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Happy world goth day 🦇❤️☠️ Me a #tradgoth at 17 and now an #eldergoth at 50. For some of us, it’s really just a way of life, self expression and not a trend. But the trend will fade, and we’ll still be ok kids, so don’t be so grumpy about it being popular right now. Like I said a millions times, we’ll score all the throw away stuff! It really is cool to be able to buy black stuff. Back in the day we had to dye everything and it turned a gross grey! 🤣 Let the kids experiment and have fun like we did! Just be there to pass along the original music they seem to be missing to most in this trend. Listen to your elders baby bats! 🤣.
#worldgothday #gothic #goth #gothic #gothiclife #gothicstyle #tradgoth #queenie_black #gothicfashion #gothgoth #gothmom

May 22 2018



its fucking weird how nobody really knows what midoriyas quirk is but none of them ask. they just accept his superpower is to fucking destroy his bones. nobody asks him what its called or whatever

bone hurting quirk



People still defending cops? In 2018? Get a new hobby

This post has been quite controversial with the state violence fandom




name one native american intellectual off the top of your head, name one native american actor or actress off the top of your head, name one native american senator, one native american news anchor, or an author or a tv personality or a singer or a poet or a comedian, name a single native american teacher you’ve had, can you? probably not 

ok so now think of one native american cartoon character you know of or a sports team relating to native americans whether it’s their actual name or their team logo, or a town you live in or near with a “native” name bet a lot of these things came to you right away i bet you didn’t even have to think 

needing native representation in media, education and government are not decoy issues, the commercialization and appropriation of native cultures are not decoy issues, the lack of native representation is institutional oppression at work 

White people specifically need to reblog this, I don’t CARE if it makes you uncomfortable–that’s the point. Listen to Native voices about Native issues PLEASE

White people specifically need to reblog this

I’m white and this is a really good reminder to add to posts like these. They do make white people uncomfortable, they need to, but that also makes them easier to scroll past (the ”this really isn’t about me” narrative). 

As a white person, sometimes I need a reminder that these are the posts I need to be reading and the ones I need to be using my white privilege to spread.

So yeah, white people specifically need to reblog.


Begging again sorry

If anyone could toss me a few bucks for food, that would be life saving. Please my mother and I have an empty fridge and pantry and no money. I could do commissions or something, but we need to eat.


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The innovative bed tent that lets you let it all hang out, no matter where you are. A Privacy Pop tent gives you the coverage and privacy that you want, so that you can enjoy a place all your own, even in a dorm room or room shared with other.

College students and siblings who have shared their bedrooms for years are buzzing about this new product that carves out a closed off space just for you.

A Privacy Pop tent is perfect for:

  • Keeping bright sun out of your eyes so you can sleep
  • Listening to your iPod or reading without bothering anyone else in the room
  • The perfect place for studying without being bothered or bothering anyone else
  • Ensuring you have privacy from prying eyes

Can we please talk about the elephant in the room


perfect place for studying” my ass

^My first thought.

there is no other reason for wanting to enclose a cocoon around your bed

other than to masturbate….and sex. ( I love how everyone thinks of masturbation first, proving that we tumblrians are indeed a bunch of lonley perverts) 

“privacy from prying eyes” 

what else could eyes be prying while you’re on the bed? my notes? yeah ok fuckers you know what’s up ;) i’ll just get this “STUDY BED” *wink wonk wink* so I can finally concentrate 

Okay but where can I find this is the question?

I’m dying thinking of being in a dorm and hearing *SWISH SWISH SWISH* as your roommate goes to town on themselves two feet away from you

Autistic NY Black teen gets lost running 5K, assaulted by a white man who’s afraid of getting mugged.



For more than two years, Clarise Coleman faithfully attended every track practice and every cross-country meet for her son, Chase.

A few weeks ago, Chase, who is a nearly nonverbal autistic child, was running in a meet in Rochester, New York, with his team from Corcoran High School - was assaulted by a stranger in the middle of a race.

Coleman was waiting for him at a part of the course where runners would come down a hill but he didn’t appear and she went looking for him. She was shouting his name and then she started to meet people who pointed in the direction of her son. One of them said:

“I see a grown man, who is quite tall and fairly heavy … exit the vehicle and give this young man a shove that puts him back 10 feet and flat on his butt. Like, just shoved him across the road. The kid didn’t seem to be doing anything but standing there, obviously had nothing in his hands and weighed all of 130 pounds. This guy was easily twice that.”

This tall white guy was a 57-year-old man named Martin MacDonald who told the police that the reason he attacked the Black kid was he thought Chase was going to mug his wife and take her purse.

“My son is a minor. [MacDonald is] a grown man,” Coleman said she told police. “He put his hands on my son. Of course I want to press charges.”

However the police was deaf and on Oct. 21, Rochester City Court Judge Caroline Morrison sent a letter to the Colemans that shocked them: 

She had denied their warrant application, and MacDonald would not be charged for second-degree harassment.

Now the autistic Black boy refused to go to practices and skipped running in his last meet of the season. He turned his running uniform in to his coach, who gently encouraged him to change his mind. Chase refused.

“We just keep telling him, ‘You didn’t do anything wrong. Chase is good. There are mean people and there are nice people and this person was just a mean person,’ ” Coleman said. “We just keep apologizing to him that happened. Especially me. I kept apologizing to him that I couldn’t keep him safe. 

The attack deeply traumatized him and he lost one of the few things that gave him a sense of pride and belonging.

Please, make a shout out to this outrageous accident! The white man still didn’t receive any punishment for ruining life of the Black boy. THIS IS HELL!

#StayWoke #BlackChildrenMatter #WhitePrivilege

Every reblog that includes Martin MacDonald in it is another web page to help make sure that when you google Martin MacDonald’s name, it’s in connection with child abuse and racism.



Marvel: We need a theme song for the winter soldier.

Marvel: Let’s distort Bucky’s scream when he’s falling and make it sound mechanical so people can feel more pain.

Listen here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HVJGh51wR7k






Just a reminder: Heathenry does have a term for smoke-cleansing.

Recaning. To recan. (Or reocan, in Old West Saxon.) This is cleansing via smoke, whether through incense or a bundle of herbs put together for a particular type of cleansing. Juniper and mugwort are both favorites for this.

In case you’re wondering how to pronounce it, it sounds like reekening. The word “reeks” is actually derived from it, signifying a potent smell.

For Old Norse fans, this seems to be related to the work reykr. In case you were wondering, Reykjavik in Iceland translates to “Smoky Bay”.

*dances around the entire pagan community waving this post like a fucking banner* THANK YOU.

Just a little addendum: Mugwort can be dangerous due to mildly psychoactive properties in the herb. Use with caution and avail yourself of the following list of free-use alternatives:

  • Basil (any kind, noting that Sweet Basil smells the best)
  • Sage (any type, but keep in mind that White Sage is becoming endangered)
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Cedar Tips or Shavings
  • Thyme (especially Lemon)

In Norwegian it is traditionally called “røyking” (verb: “å røyke”), and juniper is the herb to go to. There are also certain combination of herbs that are used (3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 21 are the amounts of different herbs and incenses used). Some are homemade (called “smoke bundles” - and made similarly to American Native smudge sticks), others used to be bought at the apothecary’s (these were usually more like the grainy powders you can buy today). When you use the method against something specific you “smoke for” such and such. You can “smoke for trolls”, for instance, and - indeed - one specific and very popular mix from the apothecary’s was actually called “Troll incense” and contained 13 ingredients (incense = “røkelse”).

When mugwort is used in mixtures for smoking we use the dried root.

Addendum: That’s juniper as in Juniperus communis!

I forgot to address @breelandwalker’s little addendum properly:

Every herb or resin or what have you is used for very specific purposes. The plants you suggest have their uses - even for smoking - but some of them are anything but alternatives to juniper and mugwort!

When you smoke to cleanse, that’s what you want - smoke! And you want it to sting and smell! That’s smell like in stink; there is a reason why the modern English verb reek is cognate to the Old Norse verb reykja and the “New Norse” verb røyke (smoke). It’s supposed to make your eyes burn and your nose run. And it’s supposed to make noises!

If you think about it, when you use smoke to cleanse, you’re not freshening up your habitat to make it smell nice; you’re kicking troll arse. If you don’t find it unpleasant, you can bet your own arse the trolls won’t either. You can pull out the basil and the lavender to sweeten the air afterwards, as long as you’re aware they don’t have any tradition in heathen Northern Europe.

You’re also supposed to yell and shout and poke that burning juniper branch or bundle in all directions and tell the trolls off, that you burn out their eyes, that you put their children on fire!

You can smoke for nasty humans as well, and you can name them too, “You thieving neighbour Such and Such, who stole my tomatoes right off my plant by the fence! I put your unborn babies on fire, you thieving bastard! Shame on you, and shame on your descendants, stealing my family’s food! Take this and this and this!” Stab! Stab! Stab!

And, when you’re finished, you open doors and windows to let the smoke out along with the trolls, and you will sleep peacefully like a baby all night.

This ritual is to be performed three times in a row for full effect; either two Thursdays and one Sunday, or one Thursday and two Sundays.

And, to OP, why would you invent a new fake quasi-Germanic word for something you already have excellent words for in your native - and entirely Germanic - language? Besides, recan is already a word for something totally different.



if you ‘defend’ trans women by accusing twefs of ~disrespecting our identities~ or whatever, you’re basically doing the twefs’ work for them.

respond with materialism, talk about how women are constituted as a class regulated by sexual violence and how this works in the same ways for cis and trans women, talk about how twef ideology exposes us to greater sexual violence and death, talk about how ‘biological sex’ is ideology that maintains gender and discuss the actual complexities, etc. etc.

but don’t make it about ‘identity’ please because not only is that easy for them to ridicule, even if it’s accepted it still makes trans women into lesser/fake women.

like imo #1 thing cis feminists can do to be allies to trans women (and trans people generally, but especially women) is prove that it’s possible to radicalize as a feminist without becoming a trans-woman-hating shitbird. whether you end up an anarcho-feminist, marxist feminist, or just one of the radical feminists that avoids the pitfalls of TWERFism doesn’t really matter–I think just charting that as an option, and avoiding the path-of-least-resistance that is demonizing trans women, is going to become a more and more important process as liberal feminism continues showing its cracks due to the collapse of capitalism. this groundwork must be laid, these trails worn into the terrain, before the systems begin collapsing completely; otherwise those seeking alternatives to liberal feminist frameworks will just turn to the ones closest at hand–the ones that scapegoat trans women for all of feminism’s failures.

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[accept people who have identities that you don’t understand]


















so i just discovered the futch scale and

me, flirting with a woman: so are you more of a musket or a labrys

And bisexuals have dozens of weapons from all over the scale

pansexuals have an armory 

Gay men have a castle

lgbtqa+ unity means living together in a castle stocked with increasingly complicated weaponry.

Asexuals also get dragons to help defend theirs

aces protect the castle 

I know I don’t fit in this community but I like helping.

Gothic castle in Connecticut is for sale check it out.


It comes with a moat.


it’s brand new. some asshat literally started building a castle in the 2000s.

calling all queer mutuals we’re gonna assemble $45 million and live queerplatonically in a castle let’s go

cool but one problem: we’re gay and we as gays have no money

reblog if you’re gay and have no money

we storm the castle at dawn

shit you’re right i forgot how gay we are

none of us are getting up before noon



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