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August 31 2017



Jurassic World and co only have themselves to blame for not cashing in on historically accurate dinosaurs honestly. Feathered killing machines that could possibly imitate humans and other sounds on a level with modern parrots? To trick arrogant, fleshy primates to their deaths? That’s fucking sick?

ppl wanna talk about how feathered dinosaurs aren’t scary but honestly?? have y'all ever seen a plucked chicken???? not scary



One of the worse aspects of tumblr discourse is the separation of gayness from innate gender nonconformity

Gay people have a long and weird historical relationship with gender that’s been completely wiped away with identity politics

The assumption that any deviation from cis-ness is trans-ness is separating gay people from a historical relationship that gay culture grew around.

This isn’t to say that us cis lgb people aren’t cis/don’t have cis privilege because that’s not true.

What I’m saying is that the history is more complicated than that and attempting to remove an important aspect of gayness from gay people is dangerous for gay youth especially because our connections to our history are so thin at the tail end of the AIDS crisis.

This is OK to rb

Gender crits fuck off

Crystals for banishing someone:


Any of em if you throw em hard enough


*eli, mari and ai exist*

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when you stand behind your shy boyfriend so people notice how handsome he really is and stop taking him for granted

every piece of eclipse fanart I’ve seen is some flavour of Gay and I am 9000% here for it

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asperatus cloud

asparagus my ass tuRN THE FUCK AROUND

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thursday needs a meme, here’s my attempt to contribute. it’s thursday and i’m here to help. thanks


it’s thursday today but it’s cold outside, so here’s an update on my attempt at a thursday meme. it’s thursday and it’s cold but i’m still here to help. thanks 


it’s 2015 now and thursday still needs a meme, here’s another attempt to contribute. it’s thursday and it’s a new year and as always i’m here to help. thanks


spring has sprung but thursday still needs a meme, so here’s another attempt to contribute. it’s springtime this thursday, and even as the seasons change i’m here to help. thanks 


it’s a summer thursday and thursday still needs a meme, so here’s one more attempt to contribute. it’s thursday and this summer i’m here to help. thanks 

Her dedication must not go unrecognized

i can’t believe i found this again on a thursday lady your mission has been accomplished

im the newest eeveelution


I totally respect anyone who labels their orientation as just queer. You deserve respect, and I am proud of you! You do not need to fit yourself within boxes, and align yourself with categories that people expect you to, you can embrace any label you want, or reject that idea, be it queer, pomo, undecided or questioning!


This blog is 97% mobile and I want every one to know that

infinity war teaser


steve: *unfreezes bucky* rise and shine motherfucker we’re gonna fight a space war






if you’re white. being,,,not straight ,,does not give you a “poc card”. i think a lot of you think it does. like being ,,not straight,,does not mean you can seperate yourself from other white people.

@appuzzoclay nicely said

white people. you can reblog this. especially if you’re not straight.






Now that tumblr finally added the ability to add pictures on mobile im inviting literally anyone to add a picture to this post




me, a gamer, crying in the bar after my girlfriend dumped me: i’ve never been nerfed so hard before

my new gf: hey can we have an open and honest discussion about our relationship

me, a woke gamer: you got it babe, time for a patch release

me, crying while holding my newborn child in my arms: dlc

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Me in the morning.

What the hell is that thing supposed to be?!?!?!?!

Me. In the morning.

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They’re girlfriends

gamer gf and goth gf



Dad, look it’s the good kush

This is the dollar store, how good can it be?


“but how can people be ace if they have sex! it’s a meaningless identity” is the ace discourse version of “how can people be bi if they haven’t had relationships with men and women! it’s a meaningless identity!”

I thought we’d all accepted that orientation =/= behaviour by now but apparently not



queer liberation not gay assimilation

Gay Assimilation is “no fats no femmes no asians” in a grindr profile. It’s cops marching in uniform at Pride. It’s a gay man like Milo being a leading figure of the fascist resurgence in the US. It’s banks using us as props for feel good ads while denying loans to trans women. It’s “equal opportunity employers” hiring lgbt+ people to make the drones used to kill queer Arabs. It’s a Starbucks with a rainbow police shield “safe space” sticker on the door while a cop down the street assaults a black trans woman. It’s cramming gay people into the predefined boxes of a cisnormative hetnormative white supremacist capitalist society. It’s abandoning the fringes to the cold so that those of us closest to the mainstream can get a pass as long as we don’t act “too gay” in public. Gay Assimilation is maintaining all the same broken power structures that enabled our oppression to begin with.

Queer Liberation is dismantling oppressive structures. It’s abolishing prisons, opposing war, subverting capitalism, disarming/dismantling the police. It’s building new models of community and resistance, it’s refusing to abandon our siblings on the edges because they are no less deserving than those of us who can “fit in”. It’s refusing to cut out bits of ourselves to accommodate the comfort of straight people. Queer Liberation is striving to create a radically different society where systems of oppression and biases have been challenged and uprooted.

sup fanboys lemme explain this




“you’re against censorship, but you complain about how women are drawn in comics, that’s hypocritical”

well you see friend, the problem here is you have mixed up CENSORSHIP and QUALITY CONTROL

i don’t think the government should stop you from drawing whatever you fucking well please, even if it’s spider woman’s cameltoe in a pose you traced from porn

please do feel free to draw and publish your own special comic “all the female heroes strung out on E and ready for anal” on your own time

just like i feel free to write the winter soldier sucking captain america’s dick on any given day, that is how fans do, it’s totally ok

but don’t be surprised when people can tell it’s your special fanboy bathroom reading even if you’re a paid artist for marvel or dc because buddy we know what that looks like and you’re not fooling anyone

CENSORSHIP is when your art is illegal

QUALITY CONTROL is when they hire david aja instead

Honestly, I don’t actually think it’s…bad, necessarily, that dudes draw sexy women and get paid for it. Like, a lot of criticisms aimed at this sort of comic art is “Ha! Man draw sexy lady! Man is dumb for drawing sexy lady!”, to which the only feeling I can muster up is “…so? The artist wanted to draw something he thought was hot. Nothing wrong with that.” The only trouble is the skewed gender ratio, and I just feel a lot of the vitriol aimed at this sort of thing can boil down to “Women character only good if not sexy and male author must instead make it empowering somehow.” Hence the “no but the semi-nude pose is EMPOWERING really” spiel getting played out. Dude, don’t be ashamed of your porny art. Drawing sexy shit doesn’t really need an excuse other than “I wanted to draw it, nyah.”

there’s a lot of problems besides the ratio. i’d say the number one problem is that women in comics are ALL drawn porny. and that includes comics where everyone else looks like a muppet or a blob. i have seen this called ‘tits on a duck’ syndrome.

but really, what i’m primarily complaining about when i say ‘quality control’ is that the artists who draw women like this are absolutely crap at sequential storytelling.

their insistance on making female characters do sexy poses during every activity, their inability to draw different faces and body shapes and expressions, their composition – either nonexistent, or framed to plant your eye straight into the nearest cleavage or asscrack – is just complete balls at telling a story. it might be great porn, but buddy, if i wanted porn, i’d buy porn. when i buy a superhero comic, i want to look at superheroics. labia wedgies don’t really sell the hero action, you know?

it’s like if you went to starbucks and ordered a caramel latte and they gave you a dildo. i don’t care if it’s the world’s best goddamn dildo, i wanted coffee.

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